Lycian Way Walking From Fethiye to Patara to Antalya - Horse Riding Along the Lycian Way

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Lycian way walking in turkey - Equipment and Food

About the walk

We can give you an equipment list
Take the lightest equipment possible
Your boots and sleeping bags are the most important things.

Below are the answers to some of the questions we have been asked.

If I don't want to carry a tent. Is there enough accommodation?
In summer, on the Lycian Way you can sleep out in all areas except the  mountain sections without a tent. From Fethiye to Pydnai, there is accommodation in village houses or pensions (pansiyon) every night; on some other sections there is accommodation most nights.

Can I stay in private houses?
Yes. On the Lycian Way, many people are used to having foreigners to stay.
Lycian way you may be invited to stay, or you can ask. We are encouraging villagers to offer accommodation and hope to have a sign for houses where you can stay. Remember your hosts may be quite shy, know very little about foreigners and are eager for some sign that you are happy with their attentions.
Remember! Rural families sleep early and rise early and often share a communal room. Play with the baby, show some pictures, Pay for your accommodation/food as agreed.

What can use to cook?
Camping Gaz blue cylinders that you pierce open are available at several gaz shops (blue signs) in Antalya, Fethiye and Egirdir. Meths (ispirto) for stoves is available at most small shops selling barbecue/kitchen equipment. Leadfree petrol for pump-up stoves is available from filling stations. You can light fires in many areas (use existing fireplaces). Take great care and make sure that the fire is completely out when you leave.

Useful information
Camping Gaz: If you arrive in Dalaman, the shops in Fethiye which stock.

Can I find drinking water?
All villages have a source of clean water, either a spring and drinking trough or at the village mosque and school. There are plenty more public water sources on most trails - springs or wells. Reliable sources are marked on the maps Lycian Way.
You'll pass at least one source per day. BUT you may need a bucket/tin can and string to get water from wells. During/after the migration June - to -October you should purify well water with iodine or other tablets or by boiling.
You may see insects in the water. Fill the bottle completely, let them rise to the surface and fish them out of the neck of the bottle. Some wells and springs dry up from August in dry summers; the south-west section of the Lycian Way is the driest.

Can I wear shorts?
Yes but that doesn't mean that you should feel free to strip off. Village Turks are not used to seeing bare skin - that is arms above the elbow and legs above the knee. In particular, don't trek with a bare chest, and both men and women should avoid short and/or tight shorts. In a village you should be properly dressed at all times. If intending to stay, you should also take the first possible opportunity to wash your hands and feet.

Can I get alcoholic dirnks ?
In general, rural Turks don't drink. Most small towns have a source of beer; you may have to ask. No-one will be offended by you drinking beer if you can find it!

How much food do I have to carry?
The most you have to carry is 2 days food on the highest and longest sections. if there is no shop in a village, you can knock on a door and ask for simple food like bread yufka and cheese peynir. Pay for what you are given.

What about dehydration ?
In summer it can be. Rest in the shade when it is hot, wear a hat, drink lots of water.

Can I use poles?
Yes if you want to.

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