Lycian Way Walking From Fethiye to Patara to Antalya - Horse Riding Along the Lycian Way

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We will arrange Transport , Accommodation, Food, Itinerary, Guide and Baggage transfer.


  • Lycian riding tours , Ride the Lycian way , VIP Lycian way horse riding

  • Transfer from the Dalaman or Antalya Airport your chosen starting point.

  • All accomodation on your route

  • Transfer of luggage from point to point on your chosen walk.

  • On the Lycian way the are many activities and excursions avilable and we will arrange these at your request.

  • All Food / water etc. For your walk.

  • Access to all emergency services.

  • Transfer back to the airport at the end of your walk.

The Lycian League (Itlehi Trm?mili) first came together around 205 BC and was formally established in 168 BC under democratic principles. It comprised some 23 known city-states as members. Lycia, which had been under Rhodian control since the Peace of Apamea in 188 BC, was granted independence by the Roman Empire at the conclusion of the Third Macedonian War. These city states joined together in a federal-style government that shared political resources against larger nations. A "Lyciarch" was elected by a senate that convened every autumn at a different city, where each member sent one, two or three representatives, depending on the city's size, to the senate, or Bouleuterion, as it was called.
The major cities of the League included Xanthos, Patara, Pinara, Olympos, Myra, and Tlos, with Patara as the capital. Phaselis joined the League at a later time. The league continued to function after Lycia became a Roman province in 46 AD. Lycia ceased being a federation in the fourth century AD, when it was taken over by the Byzantine Empire.

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