Lycian Way Walking From Fethiye to Patara to Antalya - Horse Riding Along the Lycian Way

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Lycian way walking in turkey - Kabak

Accommodation on the Lycian Way

Olive Garden Bungalows in Kabak Village.


You feel enchanted with the splendid view as soon as you arrive in Olive Garden Kabak. You will be watching the entire bay from the top, and  just feel the serenity.Then you notice that there are no other facilities nearby; nothing but the ocean and the nature surrounding you. This is exactly what you have been looking for: No noise, no traffic; just peace and quiet. You feel immediately rested, and start watching the olive and pine trees in the midst of the colorful vegetation. Then you inhale and smell the oregano and sage.
You can also acquire a completely new perspective in life here, and feel like you have the power to make the necessary decisions in your life, and be inspired. Of course it's not just the natural beauties inspiring you. You notice that the food isn't just the standard fare you get elsewhere. Cooking becomes a joyful art here. Our cuisine is mostly based on Mediterranean food. Our chef Fatih, who is also the owner of the camp is a local guy, and has worked as a chef in several restaurants for long years. Did you know that people come all the way from Fethiye and surrounding towns just to experience his cooking?
Since 6 years Fatih is running his own place, and he is continuing on this adventure, always trying to improve himself. Thus, Olive Garden continues to be a unique spot preferred and recommended by many people throughout the world.


Our bungalows include shower and toilets, with hot water available all day long. They are built with care and are environment friendly. When you wake up in the morning you will be watching the the splendid view of the Kabak Bay with the dark blue sea under your feet, and feel that you are a long distance away from the stress and hassle of the big city.

Our bungalows come in one size with double beds. The price per person is 39 €, 78 €  for two people between the high season dates of June 15 - September 15.

Unfortunately there are no single beds available, so if you wish to get a bungalow all for yourself, it will cost you 48 € per day. In the low season

the price per person is 34 €,so 56 € for two people, and 39 € if you stay alone. The price includes breakfast and our chef Fatih's delicious dinner menu.


Turan Hill Lounge Bungalows in Kabak Beach.

It's The Living Legend of Kabak Bay!

Turan Hill Lounge is the one and the first campsite to start life and living in Kabak Bay. For the last 20 years, it has been one of the most popular meeting points amongst the nature lovers throughout the world due to its strong dedication to preserve nature's beauties.

Turan Hill Lounge is located on the most beautiful slope of the bay, straightly overlooking the blue sea and the secluded beach. It is surrounded by the wondrous canyon towering up to eight hundred metres. In its backyard it keeps a thick, lush forest and the Aladere Waterfall giving life to thousands of different kinds of creatures, supporting a harmonious wild life.

Together with its white cushioned terraces overlooking the magical sceneries, its large library, its temple-like fireplace and vases full of wild flowers, Turan Hill Lounge offers a lovely and unique decoration belonging to the mythological tales and embraces its guests with its cosy tales seated deeply in its dear past.

Turan Hill Lounge invites you to :

Listen to the sound of the gentle stream nicely flowing into pool filled with mountain water while reading your book under the cool shades of the vineyard and pick a grape hanging just above your head, enjoy the fresh and organic taste of nature.

Watch the sunset coloring the sky firstly into pink and purple and then dark red while lounging on the terrace, get amazed at that wondrous phenomenon of the Mediterranean and at how all your worries totally dissolving into it.

Sit by the fireplace at night time and experience the smell of the pine together with some other scents of untouched nature while enjoying some true and deep conservation with people around you or with yourself.

Meditate on the intriguing existence of the stars covering the whole sky at night time and feel that Turan Hill Lounge is the most peaceful spot of the earth, is actually the throbbing vein for life and love.

Room and Price

Semi-open, shared shower and toilet small bungalows (located inside the bed is 2 singles)
April to June:  25 € per person
June-October: 28 € per person

Houses with balcony and private bathroom (inside a special box spring has a double bed)
April-June: 39 € per person
June-October: 50 € per person

The best views of the bay boutique houses a special board (glass sliding doors and has a stylish baths)
April-June: 50 € per person
June October: 64 € per person

The private shower and toilets, a wooden platform built on the large, home-type tents
April-June: 28 € per person
June-October: 39 € per person

Our camp used by guests of 100 m2 is located in a special yoga platform. Pumpkin Hill Bay, the custom views based Turan Lounge.

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