Lycian Way Walking From Fethiye to Patara to Antalya - Horse Riding Along the Lycian Way

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Lycian way walking in turkey - Lycian way Program 6

Lycian way Route program

Program 6
Lycian way 5 days walking + 1 day rest
1: Kayaköy / 2:  Faralya / 3: Kabak & Alinca / 4: Bogazici & Sidyma & Gavurali / 5: Patara

1.Day   :
Transfer from your chosen airport to Ovacik where we stay in your hotel.

If you looking for Accomodation

2.Day   :These days we know each other and our performance creates the basis of being a team.Starting to walk along the front of the graves of Fethiye King Amintas.Walking along the stone- paved path of the ancient Romans.Walking through the Greek village of Kayakoy which is protected by UNESCO.
At noon we eat our dinner at the table of an authentic traditional village house in Kadakoy. From here we walk along the path ,down to Olu Deniz. This walk takes 7-8 hours. From Ölüdeniz we will  transfer back to our hotel.

If you looking for Accomodation

3.Day   :We will start to walk from Ovacik to Faralya which takes roughly 5 hour .Appro 2 hours climbing and 1½ hours level  walking.Here you can see Ölüdeniz and the paragliders. The next 1½ hours is downhill to Faralya. In Faralya we have the beautiful butterfly valley.On a clear day,if we are lucky,you can see the island of Rodos and in the evening you can enjoy the sunset.This evening we will stay in Faralya. ( If you wish to visit the butterfly valley and see the butterflies and the beach you can stay 1 more day in Faralya), or you can see butterfly valley the next morning before we start the walk to Kabak.

If you looking for Accomodation

4.Day   :We will start to walk from Faralya to Kabak.This is shorter way taking roughly 2-3 hour.It starts with 30 minutes
climbing and approx 1 hour level walking then 1 hour steadily downhill to Kabak.Along the way you will see a nice
view of Kabak beach , we have lunch in the village (also you can swimming in Kabak Beach)
. Afther the lunch we
will start to walk from Kabak to Alinca
which will take 3½ to 4 hours and walk upwards from 100metres to 850
metres above sea level. On the way up we will pass through green mountains and pine valleys. As you look back you
can see the Kabak valley and the turquoise Mediterranean.Alinca also has good views of the beach and surrounding
area.We will stay overnight here. Note: this walk is longer one

If you loking for Accomodation

5.Day   : From Alinca we will take you 15 minutes by car to Bogaziçi. From there we start to walk to Sidyama which takes 2
hours and have lunch in the village house.After lunch we will transfer by car 20 minutes to Bel and start our walk
from Bel to Gaverieli,approx 4 hours downhill.On the way you can see Xanthos, Letoon and 18km long Patara
beach,a truly unforgettable view.From Gavuragili we will transfer to Patara by bus and stay in Patara .

If you loking for Accomodation

If you want you can remove this day 6
6.Day   :
On this day we will take you to the Patara ruins and the beach of Patara you can see Lycian parliament building ,
and oldest and original Lighthouse in Patara and much more before relaxing for the afternoon on our beautiful Patara beach.Later we will take you to the sand dunes (with a bottle of wine)
to watch the sunset over Patara beach.We stay in Patara for this night.

If you looking for Accomodation

7.Day   :We will start to walk from Patara along the Lycian Way coastline to Firnaz bay. On the way to Firnaz you can see Yali
bay, Gerenlik, also you can see Snake Island,Mouse Island and the Greek island of Meis.When we reach Firnaz bay
we can enjoy a Barbeque. After lunch we can see the Lycian Aquaduct and take the Lycian Aquaduct way back to
Patara. From the hillside you will have views of the Toros mountains,Patara Beach,Letoon,Xanthos and the Esen
river. This night we will also stay in Patara.

If you looking for Accomodation

8.Day   :We will transfer you back to your chosen airport.

Note :  

  • If you do not want to walk the full distance we can arrange a separate itinary of your choice.

  • You can bring sport shoes , some pullover, waterproof jacket and power walking stick .

Paid services:

  • During the walk If you like we will transfer you baggage from point to point if you dont want to carry it with you.

  • All our accommodation will include Turkish breakfast and evening meal, your chance to enjoy some typical Turkish food.

  • If you require water or other will pay

  • If you require water or a snack at lunchtime we can arrange it for you at an extra charge.

  • Turkish registered mobile phones and/or GPS are available at an extra charge.

Total 8 days program

We look forward to your company.

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