Lycian Way Walking From Fethiye to Patara to Antalya - Horse Riding Along the Lycian Way

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Lycian way walking in turkey - Terms & Conditions

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Accommodation on the Lycian Way and baggage transfer point to point

  • Transfer from Dalaman to Ovacik

  • Transfer from Antalya to Ovacik

1.   Hotel in Ovacik swimming pool breakfast and dinner   
2.   Faralya stone house or bungalows shower WC in bungalows swimming pool AC. (Turkish traditional methods food) breakfast and dinner
3.   Kabak Village bungalows, kabak view. swimming pool shower WC in bungalows (Turkish traditional methods food) breakfast and dinner
4.   Kabak beach bungalows (near the beach yoga place) shower WC in & out side bungalows (Turkish traditional methods food) breakfast and dinner
5.   Alinca Turkish house in garden bungalows out side shower  WC (Turkish traditional methods food) breakfast and dinner
6.   Alinca (Karaagac) 100 years Stone house in the house fireplace, swimming pool shower WC (Turkish traditional methods food) breakfast and organic dinner (horse riding and biking)
7.   Gey Mayor's house out side room shower WC. (Turkish traditional methods food) breakfast and dinner
8.   Hotel in Patara swimming pool breakfast and diner

  • Transfer from Patara to Dalaman

  • Transfer from Patara to Antalya

  • During the walk we will transfer you baggage from point to point

  • People usually walk maybe one or two place we will do transfer . we will do baggage transfer point to point

  • Professional walking Guide for walking and first aid experience

  • In day time lunch paket

  • Instead of lunch package In day time we can do on the way barbecue this is for the day extra 15 TL

Note :  

  • If you do not want to walk the full distance we can arrange a separate itinary of your choice.

  • You can bring sport shoes , some pullover, waterproof jacket and power walking stick .

Paid services:

  • During the walk If you like we will transfer you baggage from point to point if you dont want to carry it with you.

  • All our accommodation will include Turkish breakfast and evening meal,your chance to enjoy some typical Turkish food.

  • If you require water or other will pay

  • If you require water or a snack at lunchtime we can arrange it for you at an extra charge.

  • Turkish registered mobile phones and/or GPS are available at an extra charge.


  • The guide is a member of the Search and Rescue Board and Mountaineering Federation of Turkey, He is a mountaineering instructor, and professional mountain guide also qualified in First Aid

About Us
As you are aware the nature of the activities always include risks and dangers .For this reason,we as a company ensure that our guides  are fully experienced and responsible enough to deal with all situations that may arise.Our company aims to take all problems away from our customers by solving any queries  regarding the logistics of your holiday,ensuring all accommodation is arranged and luggage transferred and any requests you have are dealt with. We also always carry  GPS and general first aid facilities.
Tour Company Responsibilities

  • The company will provide the tour representative with full details of the itinary and accommodation.Also full customer list detailing name, age, gender, special requests, etc.


  • Insurance cover for holiday activity on the Lycian Way.Lycian Way Fethiye - Antalya

  • Guarantee : up to 50,000 TL per person damages the body

Responsibilities  Guide

  • Tour guide is responsible for a maximum of 15 people at any one time.

  • Tour guide is responsible to take the teams from point to point..

  • The tour guide will be responsible for any changes to the planned route due to weather conditions after dicussions with the leader of the group.

Responsibilities of Participants

  • All customers are responsible for thier own belongings and will carry these themselves.Any illness must be advised to the company on booking .İt is the customers responsibility to ensure they are carrying any necessary medication.

  • It is important to remember that this type of holiday we must all travel and think as a team and always be aware of the safety of  fellow travellers.

  • The walking pace on the trip will be geared to the slowest person and all members will walk together at all times.

  • All participants will give full respect to the historical,geographical environment and also to the wildlife and culture of the local people.

Terms & Conditions
The Responsibilities: The Passports : KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd Co. won't respond for the individual responsibility of each one of its participants. They should bend to the rules and the formalities of the local police, customs and health in all moment of the trip. Each participant equally should take for her bill the obtaining of all the indispensable documents and requested by the authorities of Turkey.
KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd not responsible in the event of delay or the impossibility of the participants to present its documents in order. The occasional expenses will be in charge of the client. All off trip or reduced by any cause presented by the participant won't give place to any refund type.
Risks :
Each participant should be aware that, due to the type of trips that we organize, certain due risks can exist to the state of the highways and or the climatic factors, the adventure character of some of our circuits (such as they are the mountain, the walks, the expeditions in lands little frequented) The client assumes them with cause knowledge and she commits to not to carry Claim neither to take the responsibility for accidents caused, KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd Co. the tour guides or to the different borrowers.
If the circumstances impose it and in particular to guarantee the security of the group of the group, but also for climatic reasons or of accidental events, KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd Co. the direct right is reserved or through their companions of substituting a means of transport, a lodging, an itinerary for other, as well as the dates or the schedules of departure, without the participants seek some compensation type.
Each participant should be held to the rules of wisdom and to follow the advice given by the responsible personnel (you guide or Assistants).  
KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd Co. s not responsible for the due accidents to the individual imprudence of some of the members of the group.
KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd Co. the right is reserved of expelling in all moment to an or several people of the group whose behavior is considered as risky for the security or the well-being of the rest of the participants. No compensation type will be taken in consideration.
Baggages :
The baggage is the clients' responsibility during the whole trip. except for in cases specific and previous coordination with those responsible for the group.
Transport air :
If their trip is modified because of an interference of air traffic, we are not responsible in no way. The resulting expenses will be in charge of each participant..
Of The Trust:
KIRCA TRAVEL PATARA Ltd Co ,this very grateful one for the trust deposited in our services, we are respectful of what we offer and we even guarantee our service but there of our own ones lost. We are concientes that to generate a managerial prestige, we need to make our clients to be happy with the borrowed service, This is the way in that we are growing and developing a responsible tourism.

Booking notes
Booking confirmed with 25% non-refundable deposit. Full payment required 2 weeks before departure.
We look forward hearing from you


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